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in north america today-- 40 million men and 30 million women. that's a lot of people. some people try products that claim to regrow hair only to find out a few hundred dollars later that they didn't work. don't waste your money on unproven remedies. if you care about how you look and you want to get your hair back, take time to listen to world-renowned hair loss expert dr. jon gaffney, medical director of hair club, a board-certified plastic surgeon, and member of the american medical association. >> hair loss for both men and women is more common than you think. by the age of 50, half the adult population experiences hair loss. many of us in the medical community expect this trend to increase over time, in part due to such things as stress, poor nutrition, fad diets, and certain prescription medication. hair loss is different for men and women. male pattern hair loss is the most common hair loss for men, representing more than 90% of all male cases in north america. it occurs due to the chemical dihydrotestosterone, commonly known as d.h.t. d.h.t. causes a shortening of the lifespan
obama promised to do more work for america's disabled veterans before leaving for vacation. he pledge those who sacrifice for this country won't lose their benefits despite washington's budget cuts. >> i believe this work is more important than ever because this time of war that we have been in is coming to an end. >> the president hopes to have america back on a peace time footing in a year and a half. this friday's news conference showed he is still fighting on a lot of political. feuding with russia over granting asylum to the man who revealed secrets to the world. he is still battling members of congress over obama care. >> the one unifying principle is making sure that 30 million people don't have healthcare. >> in martha's vineyard president obama looking for a break from the heat. wbal-tv 11 news. >> a maryland man is one of the longest surviving heart transplant patients. >> after marrying his wife he was diagnosed with cardio cardiomyopat cardiomyopathy. we meet the team of doctors behind that life saving transplant. >> the showers sitting down to the south in virginia but a
ways than ever to love caramel. try the new caramel coconut today. america runs on dunkin'. pretzels! [loudly] no, thanks! pretzel roll from dunkin'. try the new pretzel roll sandwiches from dunkin' -- get any bakery sandwich on a soft, warm pretzel roll today. america runs on dunkin'. >> if you're steeped in debt, we have a financial planner with the six tips you need to know to reduce your debt. >> i am glad to be here. >> there is a lot to go through. use a first create a basic balance sheet. >> you have to know where you are before you know where you are going. it is important to have a list of assets, liabilities, and have a sense of how much debt you are in. if there is something you can sell that you do not need any longer, that can help you pay off other nondeductible that -- nondeductible debt, that is a start. certain insurance policies you do not need any more. >> created an income statement? >> if you make more than you spend you have been put to help pay things down. -- you have bandwidth to help pay things down. if you can find a way to get 18 months or and extend somet
america is today? audience, throw it out. what do you think it is? [audience talks at once] obesity, heart disease, you've got diabetes. what do you think it is, jen? >> obesity, it has to be. >> yeah, obesity. according to health officials now, scientists, obesity is without question the number-one issue facing america today. but the frightening thing is-- and many people don't understand this-- but it is possible to be obese and lacking in nutrients at the same time. it's not just about how much we're consuming, but it's the quality of the food that we're consuming that's so important. >> wow. so when you say quality food, what do you mean? >> well, we seem to be in a weird world, don't you think? i mean, we're consuming more food now than ever in history. yet wherever i look, everybody still seems to be hungry all the time. why is that? because we're popping sodas all the time, we're eating potato chips. and that kind of food just doesn't contain the vital nutrients that our body ultimately craves. >> right-- so it's empty calories, so we eat more. >> yes, it's a knock-on effect. empty
selling professional blender system in america, mark rosen. >> hi, brenda. >> hi, mark. >> i am here today to introduce you to the brand-new mega kitchen system. now, we started with a two horsepower motornd then we combined it with our ninja blade technology to deliver professional blending and professional food prep. professional blending allows you to crush ice into snow for incredible, restaurant-quality frozen drinks and smoothies. we set up a comparison to a competing two horsepower professional blender that costs nearly $500. we filled both of the jars with solid ice cubes. i want you to see the difference that you get when you have the ninja blade system combined with the two horsepower. are you ready? >> i'm so excited, let's do this. >> let's go. [whirring...] the ice is turning into snow! look at that! try tamping that. [whirring fades] nothing does what a ninja kitchen system can do. crushing ice to creamy snow like this is something that only happens when you have ninja blades. it's so incredible when you combine that with the professional two horsepower. check this out, brend
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Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6